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April 2, 2011

Short Trip through Uruguay

I realized our blog posts have been telling about our trip backwards, starting with Iguazu.  In reality our travels went like this:

Dec. 4 took the bus to Florianopolis, Brazil
Dec. 18 took the bus to Montevideo, Uruguay
Dec. 22 took a bus to Sacremento Del Colonia, Uruguay
Dec. 23 took a bus to Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Dec. 24 took a bus back to Montevideo, Uruguay
Dec. 25 took a bus to Asuncion, Paraguay
Dec. 28 took a bus to Foz do Iguazu, Brazil

It was great month of traveling.  Our passports have stamps from three new countries (we went through Argentina at night on our way back to Asuncion)

Florianololis was a great way to start our travels.  Uruguay was a great way to learn how to travel on our own.

When we were traveling on the bus, I noticed Uruguay was relatively flat and there were a lot of corn fields, farm houses, cattle.  It reminded me of...KANSAS!  The main differences in the countryside was the occasional palm tree.  However, upon entering Montevideo there were few remaining similarities.


Montevideo is a beautiful city.  It looked similar to what I think a European city would look like.  The architecture blew my mind and it was so beautiful.  There were beaches that were a short bike or bis ride away.  We had a great 3-4 days in the city.

falling asleep on the beach while we waited for check in at our hostel.
eating one of the best pizzas I have ever had
happening upon a Carnival-like parade
hearing and seeing fireworks from the roof of our  hostel at midnight on Christmas morning
meeting interesting people at the hostel
biking around the city
eating a giant chunk of meat at Marcado Del Puerto
swimming in the ocean
walking around Ciudad Vieja

One of the beaches in Montevideo

A carnival parade

Biking around Montevideo

Eating some great food at Mercado Del Puerto

Beautiful architecture at Palacio Salvo

Teatro Solis


Sacrimento del Colonia


Swimming in Rio Plata
Biking around town
Visiting an old bullfighting ring
Seeing historic buildings and fortifications
old city walls to protect from pirates

Chivito sandwhich - steak, egg, tomato, lettuce and delicious

the oldest house in Uruguay

lighthouse and ruins of a monastary 

old bullfighting ring

Rio Plata

Punta Del Este

fun hostel
brava beach
sleeping on the beach
quiet Christmas Eve together on the beach

Cassie and I had a great time in Uruguay.  We loved the beautiful buildings, beaches, delicious food, and the freedom of backpacking in South America. 

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  1. I looks like a great trip. You two amaze me with you ability to navigate in unknown countries. Thanks for posting these pictures.